Spooky Halloween Cupcakes

Here are some great ideas for Halloween!

These spooky Halloween cupcakes will delight both the boys and the girls at your party this year.     

Boo Ghost Cupcake

Boo Ghost Cupcake

The first one is a boo ghost cupcake that was made with ordinary, store-bought white cake mix (we used Betty Crocker SuperMoist).  We covered the cupcake with Betty Crocker Rich & Creamy chocolate frosting.  

We then took a small amount of Betty Crocker Rich & Creamy white frosting and warmed it in the microwave oven for about 5 seconds.  

A regular white marshmallow was placed on top of the cupcake and some of the softened white frosting was spooned on top of it.  You want some of the white frosting to drip on top of the chocolate frosting, like what is shown in the picture.

The final step is to press two small chocolate chips into the marshmallow to create the eyes.  (Helpful Hint: You might have to press the chips in with a toothpick to get them to stick).

The Upside: These cupcakes tasted very, very good!  

The Downside: Each one of these bad boys had about 340 calories!


Frankenstein Cupcake

Like the ghost cupcake above, the Frankenstein cupcake was made with store-bought white cake mix and covered with Betty Crocker Rich & Creamy chocolate frosting.

Since the cake part of the cupcake is not visible, you could use chocolate cake mix if your family prefers it.

Like the cupcake above, we placed an ordinary white marshmallow on top of the chocolate frosting.

Frankenstein Cupcake

Next, some of the white frosting is warmed in the microwave for about 5 seconds. 

Then, green food color is added to the warm white frosting.  The recipe we used called for 25 drops of the green food color, but you can stop adding it once you have mixed it well and the color looks right.

Then you spoon some of the warm green frosting over the top of the marshmallow and allow some of it to spill over onto the chocolate frosting as shown in the picture. 

Two chocolate chips were pressed into the green frosting as eyes.

We used some black gel to make the mouth. (Helpful Hint: Be sure to practice drawing the mouth on a piece of paper before trying it on one of the cupcakes). 

Finally, some red fruit roll-ups were cut up and placed on top to create Frankenstein's hair.

Like the ghost, these cupcakes also tasted wonderful and had about 340 calories each!  

The picture below shows both kinds of these spooky Halloween cupcakes together:


Monster And Ghost Cupcakes


The recipes for these spooky Halloween cupcakes appeared on page 51 in the Betty Crocker Halloween magazine Volume 19, Number 8, that was on display until September 7, 2010.  

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