Spongebob Cake Pan

"The popular show is one of the
most watched on Nickelodeon!"


Trying to locate a Spongebob cake pan?

The popular sea sponge, who looks like a kitchen sponge, along with his neighbors Squidward Tentacles and Patrick Star, are wildly popular among the little ones. 

You can delight your little one by having a birthday party with this theme this year.  

We suggest that you get the pan and any other Spongebob birthday items on eBay.

Why is using eBay a smart decision?

  • Because, instead of burning gas looking for it at a local store or a garage sale, you can locate it and get it with the click of a mouse.
  • You will save time and (more importantly) gas money. 
  • There are usually a number of them available, including some with detailed icing instructions, as well as some mini-pans. 

Go ahead and place a bid now! To be sure you will win the auction select one with the Buy It Now feature. 

If your child is having this as a birthday party theme, please see the party supplies below: 


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