Spider Man Cookie Cake

Spider Man Cookie Cake

Spider Man Cookie Cake

Who says a cake can’t be a giant chocolate chip cookie? We made this for our son’s 6th birthday. Like most boys at the time, he was all into Spider-Man. Instead of buying a cake at the grocery store we decided to make one at home and make an event out of it.

When we said we were going to bake a cake, his older brother piped in that he wanted to make cookies. So momma had the boys help her mix it up (bowl licking allowed), and put it in the oven. The wonderful smell of chocolate chip cookies, and anticipation of a giant one at that, drove the boys crazy.

When the baking was done, momma did most of the decorating. To make the web lines she said the little tubes of frosting that you can buy didn’t work for this, the frosting consistency was too inconsistent. She mixed up some frosting, added some food coloring, and used a frosting syringe with the right tip.

When it was all done, pictures were taken and then the cookie was devoured.


(BTW- I edited one of the pictures because our son's face was in background. Just being a protective parent.)

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