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Special cake pans can meet the needs of any chef. Whether it is a round cake, a square cake or one in the shape of your favorite cartoon character, baking a cake can be very fun and very successful if you select the correct cake pan.

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Shaped cake pans: You may think that a plain square or circle cake pan is not a very interesting choice. In fact, most extravagant wedding cakes and store bought cakes are made using only a square or circle. When it comes to using these traditional shapes it is all in the decorating. You can have the most exciting scenes created on a square cake. You could even find a heart for Valentine’s Day or a four-leaf clover for St. Patrick’s day.

When using a shaped cake pan here are some tips to follow. When greasing your cake pan, it is a good idea to stay away from butter. The butter actually may even make your cake stick whereas using shortening or a cooking spray will prevent this from happening. The cake pan should not touch either side of the oven to ensure proper heat distribution throughout. You can remove air bubbles from the batter by banging your cake pan on the counter firmly. Do not bang too hard as you may dent the cake pan, just hard enough to release the air bubbles will do fine.

Magic Line cake pans are a professional line of cake pans made from a commercial-quality aluminum which are one of the best conductors of heat. The most notable difference between Magic Line cake pans and regular commercial pans is that Magic Line pans have a straight edge whereas other commercial pans have slanted edges. This makes these cakes more attractive and easier for icing the finished product. They also do not have rolled edges which is good for removing the cake from the pan. These cake pans are the number one choice for professionals all over the world, however are available to the general public online.

Wilton cake pans are also very popular (and good). The company is a huge player in the cake making business. Basically, any type of cake pan you are looking for or own in your cupboard is probably from Wilton. The good thing about Wilton is that they stand behind their products with a direction directory right on their web site. Wilton cake pans are a good bet for any chef.

Whether it be Superman or Big Bird, you can find all types of character cake pans. The most important rule to follow when baking a character cake is to grease the pan well so the shape comes out perfectly. You also want to pay extra attention when you are decorating this type of cake and most of all to have fun!

Special cake pans come in all shapes and sizes. Make sure you use the right one and you can make the day truly special for your family and guests.


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