Snake Cake

by Joy
(Asheville, NC USA)

Snake Cake

Snake Cake

This would be best for a kid, but...for my son-in-law's birthday, when asked what kind of cake he wanted he said a "Snake Cake," thinking my daughter and I couldn't do it. And so the challenge was on.

My daughter and I used a bundt cake pan, baked 2 cakes from regular store bought cake mix (generic store brand). When the cakes cooled we cut them in half and faced them in opposite directions to form a double S (it was 3 1/2 feet long!).

We trimmed one end to a point (to form the tail) and added the trimmings to the other end (to form the head).

My daughter and I used canned icing, added green food color and iced the cake. For the eyes we used sliced gumdrops and trimmed a piece of fruit rollup for the forked tongue. Some M&Ms and black icing completed the snake.

My grandson was convinced it was his (his 2nd birthday was a week earlier). My son-in-law loved it! BTW, he's afraid of snakes!

Editor's Note: You did a great job with it, Joy! Your detailed (and easy to follow) instructions on how to make this cake will be a big help for future visitors who are faced with a similar baking challenge. Thank you.

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