Snake Cake

by Julie W.

What inspired me to make the cake? The child whose birthday was coming up absolutely loved snakes, and I decided to make a cake that reflected that.

She was turning nine.

I made the cake in a normal 9x13 square cake pan and then cut it into long, slender segments, which I arranged end-to-end before I iced the cake.

I baked an ordinary white cake in a 9x13 cake pan, cut it into segments and laid them end-to-end to make the snake's long, slender body. Then I iced the cake with homemade cream cheese icing (the child's favorite) dyed green. I dyed some of the icing darker green and used that to make patterns on the 'snake's' body. I used white icing to make eyes, and narrowed the end of the cake down for a tail. I stuck the candles all in a row down the length of the snake's body.

Do I have a picture? Unfortunately, no.

The birthday girl thought it was the best cake ever!

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