Small Wedding Cake For Photos; Large Sheet Cake For Guests

by Kelly
(St. Paul, MN, USA)

Small Wedding Cake With Topper

Small Wedding Cake With Topper

Our wedding cake was purchased at a local high-end grocery store (Lunds). It was a combination of white cake and raspberry filling. It had buttercream icing.

We picked the smallest size cake because we had a sheet cake of the same type and with the same icing to serve to guests. This saved us SO much money. Our cake was just the two layers (very short), fed about 20 people, and cost $35.

The sheet cake was a large sheet cake, served 90 people, and cost us about $90. So for less than $130, we had cake to serve our guests! We used the small cake for photos and the large cake for serving to everyone. It worked out great!

The only problem we had is that the special cake topper I purchased was a little heavy and started to lean to one side over the course of our reception. Oops! But that was my fault - I ordered a cake topper (not from the grocery store) that had the groom in a military uniform. I didn't mind the tilting - it was still cute to have a little Army groom on there!

All in all, our cake worked out great! I HIGHLY recommend getting a smaller cake for photos and a sheet cake to serve larger numbers - it can save you a lot of money on something you are just going to cut up and eat anyway!

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