Simple Wedding Cake

by Karen
(Sacramento, CA)

The secretary at our office was getting married and she didn't have much of a budget. I found her at her desk crying one day because she was trying to figure out how to pay for the location they had picked and the cake. The baker wanted almost $500 for a simple 3 tier cake!!

I had recently completed the Wilton cake courses at our local Michael's store, so I offered to make it for her at cost.

I used Betty Crocker box mixes and made six round cakes: two 6", two 10", and two 14". (Tip: Make sure to bake your cakes with a 4" difference between pan sizes. For example, a set of cakes that are 6", 10", and 14" will look much better proportionally when you stack them than cakes that are 8", 10", and 12".)

After the cakes had cooled, I leveled them and then used Wilton buttercream frosting to make a sort of dam around the edge of each of the bottom layers in each size. This keeps the filling from leaking out when the cake is stacked.

I used a storebought strawberry jam for filling and then stacked the top layer onto their respective bottoms. I then placed each of the three cakes on cardboard circles to keep them stable and frosted them fairly thickly with the buttercream.

I then carefully covered each cake with Wilton premade white fondant. This stuff gives that nice smooth look and looks so much better than a plain frosted cake. I used Wilton cake plates and columns I already owned to stack the cake at the reception and we decorated it with some extra flowers from the florist.

All told, the cake cost me $78 to make. Why anyone would spend $500 on a simple wedding cake is beyond me!

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May 28, 2010
she works hard for the money
by: Anonymous

I'm a qualified pastry chef and cake decorator to boot and I muse at you scorning the price the decorator was charging. She isn't just charging for the ingredients, she is charging for labour and more importantly her skills! As a pastry chef I'm sorry to say that I can always taste a difference in packet made cakes. I'm sure your friend was very happy and it would seem the situation turned out well for everyone but it's not fair to mock the skills and prices of decorators out there. After all we are only trying to make a living.

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