Simple Summer Wedding Cake

by Erica
(Cincinnati, OH)

Simple Summer Wedding Cake

Simple Summer Wedding Cake

To be honest, the details of planning a wedding had begun to wear on me, and by the time I got around to selecting a cake, I really didn't care anymore. I didn't have time and wasn't interested in visiting and negotiating with bakers.

Luckily, my Grandmother had a friend who made wedding cakes. I knew I wanted something simple that would appeal to anybody, and would go with the clean, crisp theme of my summer wedding. I saw a photo of a similar square cake that this woman had done before, and I decided to go with that.

My cake was three layers; two white cake, and one chocolate, with buttercream frosting and filling. My florist actually suggested adding the fresh gerber daisy flowers (matched those in my bouquet) and the flower topper which was a cheap and easy way to decorate the cake and to tie it into the overall theme of the wedding. It fed 150 people, not including the top layer, which we kept.

I have no idea how much the cake cost, but I know it was much less than if I had chosen a professional baker. I was very happy with the cake's flavor and general presentation, and I am very glad that I found someone who could do such a great job making my cake.

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