Simple Can Be Beautiful

by Molly
(Dublin, OH)

The days of the 4-foot tall towers of icing with a bride and groom figurine are over - small, tasty and tasteful cakes are taking their place. A bride can bring her wedding theme to the cake without sacrificing flavor or looks with some of the wedding cakes featured by an operation like Martha Stewart Wedding Cakes. Whether it's a cake designed to match her new china pattern, or a quartet of cakes (perhaps each a different flavor?) to match the flowers in her bouquet.

The bride can also choose a cake to match her personality - she may like simple lines and a more contemporary style, so she can choose a square cake with ribbon stripes. With so many styles, flavors, and colors to choose from - having a unique wedding cake can become yet another way to make her wedding the bride and groom's own way to personalize their day.....down to the last flavor their guests taste at the reception.

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