Simple and Tasty Wedding Cake

by Chuck
(Marietta, GA)

We wanted a wedding cake that was kind of traditional-looking, and not too fancy. ALSO, we were on a tight budget.

We ordered this cake from Publix Grocery Store, about one month before the wedding.

The cake was not huge. it advertised the ability to feed 50-75 people. Well, we had about 60 guests, and it did feed everyone, and the top was fully intact afterward.

It cost$208.00.

We looked at a lot of different types of wedding cakes (at least 5 different vendors), and finally (due to budget and time) decided to go with this one. One thing we feared was that the cake would "fall apart." One person told us that the cakes from this store did just that. However, ours did not, and everyone really liked it.

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