Ship Cake

by Andrew Martin
(Dublin, Ireland)

The best (well.. most unusual) cake I've seen was one made by my Dad for my Mom one year. It could, however, be given to a small party of children.

It was a wooden ship cake, docked at an old-style wooden pier.

The ship was sponge cake with jam, in a somewhat triangular shape for the hull. It was surrounded by chocolate fingers (held on with chocolate icing) to give the effect of a wooden hull and deck.

There was a large (non-edible) sail made out of two straws and a piece of plastic (possibly off a shopping bag) coming out of the top. The pier was put together with a small amount of cake, again surrounded by chocolate fingers to give a wood effect.

The sea was a layer of deep blue gelatine, on top of aluminum foil to give it a watery effect.

The cake looked awesome. There wasn't much edible volume to it, so it was mostly for show, but it was an impressive sight.

This was about five years ago.

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