The Secret

The Secret of Owning Your Work (instead of renting it to someone else who makes all the profits)

If you are like most people, for every hour you work you receive one hour's worth of pay. 

That's the way of free-market capitalism. 

It's great and it's fair -- but it is more fair for the owner of the business than for you!

A Lot More Fair.

What if...

  • You could work for one hour and receive pay for it over and over again -- for the rest of your life?
  • The work you did during that single hour could earn money for your heirs for many years to come?
  • The subject you wrote about during that hour would be helpful to anyone who searched for it online for years to come? 

You can accomplish all these things by creating a website filled with Keyword-Focused Content Pages about a subject you know very well. 

  1. Maybe the site will have something to do with your current profession. 
  2. Maybe it will be something you are passionate about. 
  3. Or perhaps it could be about your favorite hobby.

With the same tools that were used to build this website (whose traffic is among the top 1 percent of all websites in the world), you can build your own website about your favorite subject and have that website earn money every month for as long as you or any of your heirs are still living. 

Depending on what your website is about, a Keyword-Focused Content Page that you can build in one hour (or less) might bring in three or four dollars a month. 

That single hour of work will bring in $40 or $50 a year -- every year for a long, long time to come! 

Your website will attract a lot of free traffic from the search engines is because:

  • Each page will be built to focus around one keyword or keyword phrase. 
  • Analyze It!, which is one of the many tools that I used to build this site, will tell you exactly how many times (and where) to use each keyword so the search engines will index your page right away and make the page easy to find by Web searchers.
  • Using Brainstormer, another part of the system, will tell you which keyword phrases to build pages about for any type of website you have.  Some pages have so few competitors that they appear on the first page of Google search results within two hours of the time they are built.
  • Every page on your site will be submitted automatically (at the right time) to each of the major search engines.  A module called Word Submitter takes care of that and will continue to submit each page as often as necessary, but only when the time is right.

You will learn how to Monetize (earn money from) each page by another module called Monetize It!.

Here's an effective way to earn money from three different monetization options on a single page:

Let's say you have a product that you are selling. You would build the page using the three monetization options (in the exact order as shown below): 

Monetization Option 1: You would describe the benefits of the item for your readers in keyword-rich language (that would attract interested visitors from the search engines).  You would provide a link, a phone number, or any other method for them to buy the item from you or from your online or offline store. 

Monetization Option 2: Even though they found the page because they are interested in that exact item, since each page on your site is focused on a single keyword, if they do not elect to buy the item from you, you could also show eBay auctions for that item.  You would simply join the eBay affiliate program and put an eBay search box with live auctions (all of them containing your affiliate links) on the page.  If they buy one of the items from eBay through your page, you get 50 percent of whatever eBay earns from selling that item.  What's even better: If the person signs up for eBay for the first time and places a bid, eBay gives you a generous finders' fee of $25, even if the person does not win the auction.  This is one of my biggest revenue generators.

Monetization Option 3:  If they do not buy from you or from eBay, you can put a Google AdSense ad unit at the bottom of the page.  If someone clicks on any of the ads shown, you receive a small amount from the Google AdSense program once you are registered in it.

By using three or more monetization options on each page you will increase your revenues from the ever-growing traffic that is coming to your website.

When done according to the simple guidelines shown above, the hour you spent to create a well-designed and properly monetized Web page will continue to pay you for years to come. 

Even if you don't have any products to sell, there are still lots of monetization options that can be used.  This website simply provides information about cakes and does not sell any products.  The subject of cakes was chosen because a recipe or a picture of a cake will be just as helpful to someone looking to make a cake 10 years from now as it is today.

How does this website earn money, you are probably asking?  By using what is known as the Infopreneurial Model

I learned about the Infopreneurial Model by reading the Case Studies of the many people who have successfully used the tools this company provides to create Web businesses that have given them financial freedom and also time freedom because they are no longer "wage slaves" who are trading 40 hours of their time every week to help other people (the business owners) get richer.    

I suggest that you read the Case Studies too and you will be convinced that this is a company that can help you reach your goals and make each hour that you work on your website pay you over and over again! 

Thanks for spending some of your time reading this,

Leefe Poche'

P.S. If you are a visual learner then you will enjoy the Video Tour.     


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