Satin Textile Wedding Cake

by JW

Satin Textile Wedding Cake

Satin Textile Wedding Cake

We wanted something simple and it had to incorporate our main wedding color--RED! But we didn't want it be overwhelming. So we decided to use the red as an accent and use more textural elements for the cake itself. We 'borrowed' this idea from one we saw on the internet...where else?

We are fortunate to have a talented cake decorator for a great aunt. This was one of the last cakes she made.

The cake itself only consisted of the top layer (obviously our anniversary cake) and the bottom layer because we had a smaller wedding. It served 50 small servings.

We got a heck of a deal since we had an "in" with the cake decorator. We simply paid for the materials, which was around $85.00. Can't beat that!

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