Sandals Resort Wedding Cake

by Amanda Jane T.
(Lees Summit, MO, USA)

Sandals Resort Wedding Cake

Sandals Resort Wedding Cake

The flavor of cake was half chocolate and half white. The style of cake was a buttercream marshmallow like frosting, almost like whipping cream. My wedding cake was white which had flowers in white frosting decorations on the outside tops of tiers.

I picked the certain plain kind of cake because the Sandals Wedding planner had a few suggestions and showed my husband and me a catalog and we chose the one we liked in the book.

It was a two-tier wedding cake that was made by the Sandals bakers. The cost of our cake was 700 dollars. The resort we went to have our wedding was the Sandals Bahamas.

My husband and I did not have any guests in our wedding but took our cake home with us to have a year later from out of the freezer. The cake had to be frozen before we could take it with us home.

The wedding cake was freshly made and was not kept in the freezer. The bakers are located right there on the resort. The wedding planners asked me to consider when I picked out the cake if I wanted the bride and groom on the cake. I think its a bit cheesey, so I did not have a bride and a groom on the cake because it covers the pretty frosting.

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