Saffron Cake For My Niece

by Amarjeeth
(Bangalore, India)

It was early September, 4th September I could remember my neice was born 4 years ago. She was all I have and I am all for her. I have had her in my arms since she was 6 months when she lost the shelter of both her parents. She had got to understand what birthday meant. I thought of giving her the real feel of a perfect birthday.

The best thing that I could get her was a cake she should enjoy. As we hardly have 4-6 neighbours who would attend her birthday party, I decided to give her the best cake she had ever tasted.

From early childhood she was choosy of any milk product, she never was interested in any of the marketed milk drinks, but for one-SAFFRON. So I decided to make her a SAFFRON MILK CAKE.

I bought 500 grams of dough, a mix of dry fruits (cashew nuts, wall nuts and raisins) and all the usual ingredients of usual cake.

While the dough was being mixed I added 20 grams of Saffron (imported from Kashmir, India) with plenty of milk. The cake was baked and a beautiful layer of cream wipped with saffron was used. It was flavoured to suit the sweetness of my neice.

Believe me! She was the happiest child and the neighbours enjoyed this finger licking cake, of course they did take the recipe with them.

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