Rubber Duck Bathtub Birthday Cake

by Stephanie
(Austin, Texas)

Rubber Duck Bathtub Birthday Cake

Rubber Duck Bathtub Birthday Cake

My daughter inspired me to make the cake as she loved her bathtimes at the age of 1. It was for her 1st birthday. I used 9 inch round baking pans and cut off the rounded edes and made it a 2 layer cake. It was a carrot cake but any cake can be used.

I've attached the picture for viewing. The water is made of blue jello. The icing will keep it from leaking onto the cake. The faucets are made of large and mini marshmellows and colored icing. The water spout is a small piece of red licorice. My daughter loved seeing her rubber ducky on her birthday cake! Best of luck!

Editor's note: That is a fantastic cake, Stephanie. It was very clever how you used different materials to put the whole thing together. It will be a big help to other moms who are looking to make a cake like this.


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