Rice Cooker Made Moomin Cake

by Corey
(Seatlle, Washington)

Moomin Cake

Moomin Cake

The child that my girlfriend and I made the cake for turned 12 years old, and she is a big fan of the animated TV series called The Moomins. As we didn't have an oven in the apartment we were living in, we used a rice cooker to bake the cake, which if done properly works out extremely well.

All you need is 1 tablespoon of butter, 2 medium sized eggs, 3 big teaspoons of sugar, 100ml of milk, and 100g of hot cake mix. You can put chocolate powder or any type of powder you'd like for a different taste. You can then put in any kinds of fruits you want as well, we put in banana. Mix it all up. Next, turn the rice cooker on and let it do its thing, it may take a couple cycles to completely cook. You can tell when the cake's done if you stick a toothpick in and you can pull it out cleanly.

We then decorated it with pictures of the child's favorite Moomin characters in chocolate icing. She loved it. And you can decorate it with any cartoon characters your child likes and they'll be sure to love it as well.

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