Regifting Fruitcake

by Mike

I am not a big fan of the fruitcake. It just strikes me as an odd thing, and I have, what I call, texture issues with it. Something about the way it feels in your mouth. So, on occaision I have been known to re-gift a fruitcake when I recieve one. One aunt in particular loved to give them. She makes her own, and to her it's an art form. One year I gave the fruitcake that she had given me when I went to her house for a holiday celebration being held two weeks early to accomodate a family memeber leaving the country for the holidays. I then gave the fruitcake to a friend of a friend of mine as a simple offerring when I went to their house for a holiday party a week later. Unknown to me this friend once removed was also friends with a certain aunt of mine, and also had similar re-gifting habits. In a bit of made-for-TV chain of events he then gave my aunt her cake back, which she in turn recognized as her own work. Luckily no feelings were really hurt, and the ridiculousness of the situation made sure it got a good laugh.

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