Red Ladybug Cake

by Vickie
(Slidell, LA USA)

Red Ladybug Cake

Red Ladybug Cake

This cute red ladybug cake was made using a recipe from Taste of Home Magazine. It called for a chocolate boxed cake mix that was baked in a bowl insted of a cake pan. The recipe called for it to remain in the oven for 60 to 70 minutes. When it came out it was a bit uneven so we used a cake leveller to straighten out the top of the cake, which, after being turned upside down, became the smooth bottom of the ladybug cake.

We used a can of store-bought white icing that was colored with red paste food coloring. After that was spread generously over the cake the eyes were added. They were made from two large white gumdrops that were flattened so they would lay smoothly on the cake. Black gumdrops were cut horizontally into three slices for the pupils of the eyes. The tops were discarded and one of the remaining parts were placed on each of the white gumdrops. If you have trouble getting them to stick, try using a toothpick.

The remaining black gumdrop pieces were put on the body of the ladybug for its spots. Black rope licorice pieces were inserted into the side of the cake to make the ladybug's legs. A piece of black shoestring licorice was fashioned into a smiling mouth. A final piece of the shoestring licorice was placed down the middle of her back to show the area between her wings.

The cake was adorable and it was gobbled up by my coworkers the next day!

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