Race Car Cake Pan

"Make his heart speed up
with this special cake!"


Looking for race car cake pan?

This is the place to find it.  

The eBay auctions below usually contain the popular 1997 Wilton pan in this shape.  Some of the auctions come with icing instructions, so you can create something really special for his birthday.

Why should you use eBay?

  • You will save time; since you can locate the exact pan you want and bid on it in minutes.
  • You will also save gas money since you are shopping from your computer instead of running all over town.
  • You can even re-sell the item on eBay after his birthday party and get some of your money back.

Head for the finish line and put in your winning bid right now!  

First-time eBay users will find it easy to register (for free) and place their first bid.  


To bookmark this page so you can check on your auction, press Control + D.     

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