R2D2 Cake Pan

"He was one of only 4 characters 
to appear in all 6 Star Wars films"


Need an R2D2 cake pan?

The little droid from the planet Naboo, stands 3'2" tall.  He rescues the protagonists at least one time in every film.   

You can pick up a retired Wilton pan depicting the character on eBay.

There are usually a few available, but be prepared to pay up if you want to land one of them. 

Don't worry, after the birthday party you can always sell it to somebody else on eBay and get your money back. 

The auctions in the box below are current. Bookmark this page (by pressing Control D) and you can come back any time you want to see what's available.  

If you are looking to make a cake with other Star Wars characters, like Darth Vader or C3PO, just type in the name in the form above. 

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