Puppy Cake Pan



Hve you been trying to locate a puppy cake pan?

You should be able to find the perfect one right here since the eBay auctions shown below will usually contain a variety of them.  At times we have seen the Wilton puppy dog (laying down), the Wilton Spot pan (sitting up), as well as one depicting a Dalmatian.

There are usually some auctions for these items with a "Buy It Now" price of under $10, but since these auctions are open to any registered eBay user, you can place an offer for as little as you like. 

Why use eBay?

  • To save time (it just takes a minute or two).
  • To save gas money
  • You can re-sell the item on eBay after you use it.

It's simple decision! Go for it and place your winning bid now.  

If you're using eBay for the first time you will be delighted to find out how easy it is to register (and it's free).  


Search for any other character cake pan you want just by typing the name in the little box above to the left of the word "Search."  

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