Pumpkin Cake

I was making a cake for my son's fifth birthday. I first thought that I should go to Winn-Dixie or the bakery, but then I realized that I should make it very special for a very special son.

I went to Wal-Mart and bought a 2-inch deep glass pan, blue icing, flour, milk, cake toppings, sugar, and even pumpkin pie materials. I baked the pumpkin pie when I got home. After I cooked the pie I let it cool in the freezer while I prepared the cake. While I prepared the cake I started to cut some of the pie into small pieces. When I was ready to put the cake in the pan, I put pumpkin at the bottom, middle, and the very top of the cake.

But before I put cake on the top, I put some cake topping on top of the middle layer of the pie and then poured the rest of the cake mix and pie on. I dont have a picture of the cake but I can say when it is cooked it is very delicious. Thank you for reading about this experience.

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