Pumpkin Cake Pan

"Make your Halloween party
extra special this year!"


Have you been looking for a pumpkin cake pan?

You have found the right place!  With just a few mouse clicks you can get one without spending a penny on gas.

The live eBay auction below will show you exactly what is available.  If you don't see what you want now, bookmark this page (Control + D) and come back whenever you want.  

At different times we have seen the Nordic Ware Great Pumpkin 3D version, some Wilton mini-pumpkin pans, and some Wilton full size pans with icing instructions.

If you have to pay a few bucks more than you expect, you can always re-sell the item on eBay after Halloween.  But you'll probably want to keep it and make it part of your Halloween tradition every year.

We wish you the best of success in your bidding!  

What about a ghost or scarecrow cake? It's easy, just type them into the form above. 

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