Princess Cake

by Gloria

I made a princess castle-inspired cake for my 8 year old daughter, who, like most girls her age, was fascinated with just about anything pink.

For the actual base of the castle, I used 3 layers baked in 8 x 8" pans. Between each layer, I used buttercream mixed with seedless raspberry jam. I iced the outside of the three layers in pink tinted buttercream. For turrets on the castle, I used ice cream cones, flipped upside down and placed on each corner and glued in place.

For decorations, windows and doors, I used a piping bag with a small star tip and dark pink tinted buttercream icing. The entire creation was topped off with pink and red candies as accents and a sprinkling of edible sparkle dust. This cake was great for a small party (just family and a couple friends) - for a larger party, it may be more suitable to use a larger pan for the layers.

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