Princess Birthday Cakes

by Evonne Marquez
(San Antonio, TX, USA)

Princess Birthday Cakes

Princess Birthday Cakes

My daughter and niece both wanted princess birthday cakes. They love to dress in princess dresses, so I decided to make their birthday dress match the princess cake dress. Emily's birthstone is green and Marissa's favorite color is pink. So these were the colors of their dresses and cakes.

I made one chocolate and one vanilla for variety. Although they have the same birthday, one turned 2 and the other turned 3.

I used a pyrex oven safe bowl and a circle cake pan that matched the width of the bowl. Whatever cake mix was left over, I made cupcakes with it. I put the bowl cake on top of the circle cake and connected with buttercream.

I gave the dolls a fondant top to match their fondant covered bottom. I pictured cinderella dresses when covering the buttercream covered cakes with fondant. I have attached a picture of both cakes and cupcakes. I set them up like this on the birthday cake table.

Editor's Note: Thank you, Evonne. They came out great and the cake pictures, along with the info you provided about how you made them, will help our readers who are trying to make cakes for their little princesses!

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