Princess Birthday Cake For My 2 Year Old Niece

by Amie
(East Hampton, CT, USA)

Princess Birthday Cake

Princess Birthday Cake

This birthday cake was made at the request of my two-year old niece. She was very specific that she wanted a princess cake but my sister-in-law didn't have time to figure out how to make it so I offered to help. I had just invested in some cake making tools including new pans, frosting tips and a box full of new colors. The only thing I had to buy was the top part of the doll (see picture). I used a small cake cooling pan for the bottom part of her dress and covered the entire "body" with pink frosting and a flower tip.

I needed a little help with the words so I used a form press that allowed me to spell out "Happy Birthday Princess Mia" and then trace it with pink frosting. The form was helpful because it spaced out the words and lettering, giving it a more professional look. The only thing that would have made it look better is if the pink frosting was a bit of a deeper shade of pink so the contrast with the white background would be more noticeable.

The bottom of the cake was just two sheet cakes pushed together and frosted as one. One of the sheet cakes was vanilla and the other was chocolate, since there were a lot of kids and we wanted to make sure everyone was happy. I also made chocolate heart accents with pink colored chocolate wafers and a candy mold.

Editor's Note: That's a lovely cake, Amie. Thanks for sharing all the details about how it was created. It will inspire some of our readers to try to make cakes like this for the little princesses in their families.

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