"Presents" Wedding Cake

by Megan
(Phoenix, AZ)

"Present" Wedding Cake

I wanted my wedding cake to be unique - I didn't want just another round cake with flowers on it. I saw a picture of similar cake on a cake website and loved the idea. It gave me the opportunity to incorporate the ribbons that I had used on the "goodies" I was giving the guests and have a cake that drew attention on it's own.

My husband to be wasn't sold on the idea, but when he saw it in person he loved it. The place I got married supplied the cake vendor - all I had to do was pick flavors and style. Because of this, it was included in the cost of the wedding.

Each of the presents was decorated individually and was a different flavor. It was about two sheets and served 100 people. I am very proud of the cake design - it came out perfectly and was exactly what I wanted!

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