Prejudiced Against Fruitcake

by Nicole

Ever since I was little, I remember hearing about fruitcakes. Movies, television, and media in general abound in fruitcakes prejudices: People bringing these interminable cakes to unsuspecting guests, Grannies making rock hard fruitcakes as a yearly tradition, and more.

I can't ever not remember getting the "joke" about fruitcakes. Yet, to this day, I do not believe I have ever tasted one. I don't ever remember seeing one proudly displayed at any Christmas party I have ever been to. I remember having the vague idea that my grandmother may have kept one on our sweet table but, it was never cut into.

So, here I am, with this prejudice against a poor cake, for goodness sake, without having ever tasted the stuff. I don't think I've ever met a cake I haven't liked, and I'm sure the jest in poking fun is overstated. Maybe this year, I will venture out and try to track down this discriminated against dessert.

On second thought...maybe next year.

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