PowerPuff Girls Cake

by Katie

PowerPuff Girls Cake

PowerPuff Girls Cake

I had ordered a cake for my 8 year old daughter. It was a beautiful PowerPuff Girls cake, but on the way home, I had to slam on my breaks, sending the cake flying into the floor and ruining the decoration. It would have tasted fine (and it did, we ate it later, haha), but it looked terrible for her special day.

Luckily, my aunt collects Wilton cake pans and I went to her house to pick one out. I was floored when I saw she had a PowerPuff Girls mold! We made home made buttercream icing and used food coloring to make the various colors. We also used a basic icing tube to make the dots of frosting to complete the design.

We made a Betty Crocker chocolate cake and a TON of Baker's Joy non-stick baking spray. We finished decorating the cake 5 minutes before the party began, and it turned out beautifully for a couple of amateurs.

Editor's Note: That's a great looking cake, Katie. Your story will be an inspiration to other moms who are trying to work up the courage to make a special cake for one of their children's birthdays.

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