Pound Cake


There are many opinions on how a pound cake got its name. The most widely suggested theory dates back to the 18th century and the ingredient list. The original version was said to contain one lb. each of butter, eggs, flour and sugar. The end result was a dense concoction that was ideal to use as a base for a seemingly endless variety of desserts - from trifles to French toast. 

As some modern cooks succumbed to the trend toward a healthier diet, recipes changed. Today some create them with egg whites and less butter. Some modern cooks can even make them with 75 percent less fat. This heart healthy pound cake recipe can be whipped up in an hour and 20 minutes and has eight ingredients.

But, some purists remain. For a more traditional version see this recipe, which has nine ingredients and takes 90 minutes to make.   

Who can resist enjoying a slice of one these delights in its full glory with a golden brown crust and a nice cup of coffee?



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