Pony Cake Pan


Have you been riding around trying to find a pony cake pan?

Then ride no more because you should be able to find one right here. We suggest checking out the live eBay auctions below first.

They sometimes contain the Wilton Precious Pony pan, the My Little Pony pan, which is also made by Wilton, as well as pans depicting a carousel horse and a rocking horse.   

eBay is great because:

  • It saves time for you because you can find the item, check the seller's feedback, and place your bid in minutes.
  • By shopping on your computer you will also save gas money.
  • You can even sell the item on eBay after you make the cake. 

Go ahead and place a (lowball) bid right now!

If you are going to use eBay for the first time the registration process is quick, safe, and free.  


Smart Shopping Tip: Use the eBay search box above to find great deals on any item.     

Here are some other websites that sell this cake pan:

  • Frosty's Collectibles had the Little Pony pan for $13.99. 
  • Molasses Creek Trading had the Wilton Carousel Horse for $19.99.
  • Google Shopping has others at a wide variety of prices.

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