Pirate Cake Pan

"Your son or daughter will
always remember this special birthday!"


Been trying to locate a pirate cake pan?

Well, you have stopped at the right place!  

You can shop in an environmentally friendly way by picking up one on eBay with a click of the mouse.  You won't spend a penny on gas, plus you will be saving yourself some valuable time.  

There are usually some depicting a cute pirate with his treasure chest available, as well as some Nordic Ware Pirate Ship Cake Mold pans.  

If you are not planning to use it again, as soon as the party is over put it for sale on eBay and get your money back.  With a clever listing, you might even be able to make a profit on it.  

Place that winning bid now!  

If you want another type of shaped pan, just type its name in the search form and see what comes up! 

Press Control + D to bookmark this page so you can come back to see what's available in the current auctions any time you want.  

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