Pink Panther Cake Pan

"The cool cat first hit
the big screen in 1963!"


Looking for a Pink Panther cake pan?

You have arrived at the right place because there are always several of them available among the eBay auctions shown below.

Some of them have inserts with icing instructions, so you can make a perfect cake.  

Using eBay will:

  • Save you time (it just takes minutes to place a bid)
  • Save you gas money (since you will not have to search at local stores or garage sales) 
  • Save you money on the purchase because you can usually get one of these at a very low price.

Go ahead and place a low-ball bid right now to see if you get lucky.  If you are a first-time user of eBay you will be delighted at how easy it is to register.  Registration is also free, and if you win an auction for a low price, you will be hooked for life!  


Try your luck at some other character cake pans (or items of any kind).  Just enter the name of the item in the search form above.     

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