Pink And White Wedding Cake

by Nicole P.
(Concord, CA, 94521)

 Pink And White Wedding Cake

Pink And White Wedding Cake

My wedding cake came out beautiful. Having to decide exactly what I wanted was a hard task to do, but I managed. I went to our local bakery, Alpine Pastry, in Concord, CA and looked at the album they had of their cakes. We also had our cake tasting that day too. If you dont know most stores recommend an appointment for this.

I found a picture of a simple three tier cake. It was white with white swirls around it and dots on top. But my theme for the wedding was pink and silver. I asked if it was possible to have the background a soft pink color and the designs in white. I also wanted my cake separated so I came up with the idea to have them put pink and white flowers in the middle if each cake, except for the top one, because the cake topper would go there. They had to talk to the baker to see if that was something she could do, and she could.

It was a 3 tier cake. I cant acutally remember the exact sizes of each tier, but the cake served almost 120 people, and I still had some cake left over.

We decided to have each layer a different flavor. The biggest one was chocolate cake with strawberry preserves, while the middle was a white cake with Amaretto cream. The top was a marble cake, with lemon custard.

The cost of the cake without delivery was 180 dollars. We also had rented cake stands that separated each peice.

It came out wonderful. Good luck!

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