Pez Themed Blue Wedding Cake

by Kelly G.
(Buffalo, NY, USA)

Pez Themed Blue Wedding Cake

Pez Themed Blue Wedding Cake

We had the sister of one of my coworkers make this for us; she makes cakes for church events, family birthdays, etc. It cost us around $80 to serve 140 people, which was significantly less than what the professional bakers we met with quoted us.

The cake was a marble cake (a comporomise between vanilla vs. chocolate), and the frosting was a simple blue with white polka dots that matched our blue and white wedding colors. Neither my husband nor I like overly flowery things, so we thought the simple polka dots would be cheery and modern and not overly fancy.

But the best part by far was the cake topper. My husband is a huge Pez collector, and our favors were Valentine's heart-topped Pez with our names and wedding date written on the hearts.

My husband was thrilled when he found these oversized retro Pez bride and groom dispensers on eBay, which we then mounted on a cheap plastic cake topper base with double-sided tape. It was a definite conversation piece, and now we have the cake topper on display along with the rest of his Pez collection at our house.

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