Petal Cake Pan

"These are perfect to use to
create a gorgeous flower cake!"


Trying to locate a petal cake pan?

You can find the one you want here in the live eBay auctions below.

These pans are are ideal for creating a flower shaped wedding cake or if you are just trying to make a beautiful cake that your family will talk about for years to come.

Why should you use eBay for these pans?:

  • Because it is a great time saver.
  • You will save gas money because there is no searching at local stores or garage sales.
  • You can re-sell the pans on eBay after you use them and get your money back.

Go ahead!  Place that winning bid right now and create a beautiful cake.  If you are a first-time eBay user it is simple.  Just click on the auction of your choice and you will be able to register for free in a couple of minutes.  


If the pans you want aren't listed right now, bookmark this page (Control + D) and come back later to see what's there.     

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