Panda Bear Cake

by Silas C.
(Piney Flats, TN)

Panda Bear Cake

Panda Bear Cake

The cake is actually a set of multiple cupcakes and I was inspired to make it due to my son's love of Panda Bears! This was for his 13th birthday, which may sound a little odd, but he loved it!

No special pan was needed, just a plain average cupcake pan! The cake started as a huge bowl of cupcake mix and turned into cupcakes where I laid them all out and designed the panda!

Here is a picture of it! It's simple to make! If you can make a cupcake you can make this panda cake that your kid will love!

Editor's Note: Thank you, Silas. That's a great cake and with its simplicity, will be made by other parents for their child's birthday.

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