Pac-Man Cake For An 80s Party

by Rachel Moeller
(Anywhere the Army takes us...)

Pac-Man Cake

Pac-Man Cake

My husband and I threw an 80's party this year. It was a blast! I wanted to come up with a cake that represented the 80's in some way, so I dedcided to go with a pac-man cake!

I decided to do it in cupcakes for the ease of serving (there were lots of kids there)! I made the pac-man game board under the cupcakes out of a black presentation board with construction paper for all the shapes. I used regular size cupcakes for the ghosts & pac-man, and mini cupcakes to represent the dots that pac-man eats as well as the "extra lives" at the bottom of the board.

It was a great idea and I simply just replaced the white mini cupcakes as they were eaten (I made around 50 of them). The only downside was that the white mini-cupcakes were a little tedious to frost. ;)

Editor's Note: Very creative work, Rachel. Thanks a bunch!

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