Oven Cake

by Teresa L.
(Sammamish, WA. USA)

My 4 year old boy just loves to cook. The theme for his birthday was cooking. I made him a blue (his favorite) color oven cake. Our tradition is that he can help by mixing all the ingredients. He is also in charge of chosing the candies for the decoration.

First I will design a pattern on paper and then cut the cake according to it. I would make my own icing not the store bought once because they are too runny. I would make the colors and put them in the refigerator before I use it. I don't use box cakes because it is too hard to cut the cake in pieces. There will be too many crumbs.

The best is to make a cake the old fasioned way. I make the cake in the evening and then in the morning it will be the fist thing my child would see. This is always the best part of the birthday.

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