Our Square Wedding Cake

by Kecia
(Georgia, USA)

3 Tier Square Wedding Cake

3 Tier Square Wedding Cake

Our wedding cake was a 3 tier, square, stacked cake. It was a white cake, with write frosting. It had chocolate sauce drizzled down each tier, and was accented with strawberries and daisies. On top was a silver linked heart topper.

We decided to go with this style because it was unique, and we just really liked the way I looked. My favorite aspect of the cake was the drizzling chocolate.

We had our cake made by a local baker. My mom somehow found out about her, and so we set up an appointment. She knew how to make the exact cake we wanted, so she was hired! She only charged us $1.75/guest ($175 total), but was a lot cheaper than any of the business around here!

The top tier of the cake was saved for us to eat on our first anniversary. The remaining two tiers served about 100 guests, and there was a bit left over.

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