Our Confetti Wedding Cake

by Ruth
(San Jose, CA)

Confetti Wedding Cake

Confetti Wedding Cake

The style of the cake was not super simple, but not overly ornate either. I picked both the design and structure of the cake out of the bakery's catalog. The display cake itself was big enough for 75 people but I had 230 guests at my wedding! The secret to the multiplying cake is that I ordered extra sheets of the same flavors that was in the display cake!

The people at Publix were great, they decorated the sheets the same way as the cake that the guests saw. The bakers delivered the cake, set it up, and made sure that the sheets were waiting out of sight in the back. It ended up being less expensive than ordering an entire cake big enough for that many people! I think the final price after the deposit for the structure that held the layers and tax, the total was just over $500. I might be overestimating, but that number sounds about right in my mind.

The Bakery at the Publix nearest to MacDill AFB did a great job with customer service and really listening to my needs. They don't even normally have confetti cake as an option, but that's what I REALLY wanted (I'm a kid, I know) and they made it happen. All in all, it was a great experience.

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