Organic Chocolate Cake With Scrolls

by Nicola
(Nottingham, UK)

Organic Chocolate Cake With Scrolls

Organic Chocolate Cake With Scrolls

I wanted a cake that was a bit different from the usual, organic if possible, and as my partner likes chocolate and hates raisins, it had to be this one! We got in touch with the company (The Organic Chocolate Cake Company) that did the cake and they sent us a sample. It was divine! It's made of good quality chocolate (72 percent cocoa solids) and Brazilian Rapadura sugar. After the sponge had been baked it was then soaked in vintage Port overnight and then layered into a cake with buttercream and plum jam.

As the cake was being picked up by friends to be taken to the venue in Port Isaac (nearly 3 hours away), we wanted to make sure that the coating was something that could be easily fixed if some of the icing/chocolate broke off. The wedding cake maker suggested scrolls as the design meant it didn't matter and the chocolate could easily be stuck back on.

As it was so expensive (600 pounds), we decided to have it as part of the main wedding dessert with Cornish ice cream or single cream to accompany it. As we had 60 guests, we ordered a cake for 90 so that it was big enough for good size portions.

Our day hit the headlines for a different reason (just google Sat Nav, bride and Cornwall to see why) but heard visible gasps when the cake was brought in!

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