Orange Meringue Wedding Cake

by Kara
(Toledo, OH, USA)

Orange Meringue Wedding Cake

Orange Meringue Wedding Cake

We decided on this because wanted something simple and elegant that was in more of a modern style. We chose fondant because of the clean look overall. Although, I would have preferred the flavor of the more frosted cake, I really enjoyed this.

The cake was orange meringue. It had a great creamy type flavor with a hint of orange. It kind of tasted like a cream-sicle, with a little liqueur flavor. It has a cream cheese like filling and little more subtle flavor than full on cream cheese. It really mixed well. I can taste it in my mouth as I'm writing this, lol. Under the fondant were 2 separate cakes per layer, so 6 double layered cakes in all.

We actually had a friend of ours make it who used to own a bakery back in the day. She had all the tools and knew what she was doing, so we were in good hands. We had checked out other bakeries, but she was able to understand what we wanted and had to skills to do it. If this was her first wedding cake, I wouldn't have done it, but she's done hundreds before.

The cake was around 2 1/2 ft tall and easily fed all 150 guests. We had enough some left over.

We actually didn't have to pay for it because she gave it to us as a wedding gift, but we thought it would have been around $350 to $500, it was at least 5 years ago, so I'm not sure how things have changed.

When looking for a wedding cake, go with a cake that you enjoy and that you think your guests will enjoy. It's easy to really go and pick something that you'll love, but because it's so palette specific, that it might turn off some of your guests. Yes, it is your wedding day and it should be the way you want it, but you're paying for your cake and unless you really want to eat cake for a long time after, pick something that you enjoy and you know other people will enjoy.

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