October Wedding Cake

by Shaina Van Beek

Our cake is three different shaped hearts. We deicded on it because I heart symbolizes love and our wedding was all about our love for each other. We used the three tiers for the years we were together. We also had sheet cakes to serve first during our reception.

I send my aunt to a cake decorating class at our local community college for forty dollars. She stayed in my apartment the night before the wedding and baked and decorated the cakes there. It was much more personal than some big store could have done and it tasted awesome. We also froze the top tier of the cake to have on our year anniversary and to our suprise with a little trip in the microwave it tasted like it did a year ago.

Two sheet cakes and the hearts were 4 inch 8 inch and 12 inch. I had about 250 people at the reception and we only cut into the two sheet cakes. We used the bottom two hearts to feed our family the next morning during the gift opening.

The cost of the class we send my aunt to and the supplies for the cakes were about $400.

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