Number Cake Pan

"Baking a cake in the shape 
of numbers is always fun!"


Are you searching for a number cake pan?

You can usually find the ones you want among the eBay auctions shown below.

Make this birthday a memorable one by baking a cake (or cakes) in the shape of the number of years that the birthday boy or birthday girl has reached.  This is ideal for someone with a milestone birthday like 20, 30, 40, or the Big 50!

Using eBay is a no-brainer because:

  • You save time (it just takes a minute or two to bid)
  • You save gas money (that's a big help these days)
  • You can re-sell the pan on eBay (and get your money back)

Go ahead, place that winning bid now.  If this is your first time using eBay, just click on the auction for the pan you want below and register.  It's free and takes just a couple of minutes.

Good luck!  


If the pan you need isn't there right now, just bookmark this page (Control + D) and return to check any time you want.     

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