Number 5 Cake

"This is great for a family project!"  


This number 5 cake was easy to make and it is quite versatile as well.

It can be used for a fifth birthday for a boy (or for a girl by using different colored candies).

It can also be used for an athlete in your family.  

Just put his or her jersey number and team colors for soccer, baseball, football, or basketball.

Preparation is Simple

We prepared one box of Betty Crocker Super Moist White Cake Mix, according to the instructions on the box.  It called for three egg whites, water and vegetable oil.

White Cake batter

The batter took less than three minutes to beat.

It was placed into two 8-inch round cake pans that were lightly greased.

The recipe called for the cakes to be cooked for 26-31 minutes.  We kept them in the oven for about 30 minutes and they came out perfect.


Here's what they looked like after baking:       

White Cakes In Oven


Used Store-Bought Icing

The next step was simple.  

After leaving them out for around an hour to cool, we just covered them with a thick coat of store-bought icing to save time.

In this case, we used Better Crocker Rich and Creamy vanilla frosting.

The picture below shows what the single-layer cake looked like after the heavy layer of white frosting was put on:

Cake With White Icing

So far, everything is pretty basic.

A white cake with white frosting.

Use Delicious M&Ms

Now this is where the fun begins!

We began by decorating the cake with a large number 5 in the center made from blue M&Ms.

Making the number is a little harder than it looks (and ours was far from perfect), but we simply used two rows of blue M&Ms to do it.

Your kids are probably going to want to help at this point, so be prepared with some paper towels for the icing they are going to get on their fingers!

This is what the cake looked like with the 5 on it:      

White Cake With Blue 5

We wanted to keep this particular cake very simple, so all we did after putting the 5 on it was to place one row of orange M&Ms around the outer edge.

You could do a lot more decorating with different colored M&Ms, Skittles, or any tasty and colorful candies.

If you are making it for a 15th birthday, or maybe if you are making a sports cake and the person's jersey number is 15, 25, or whatever, you could make the numbers with one row of the colored candies instead of two, as we have done here.

Anyway, here is what the number 5 cake looked like when it was finished:

5th Birthday Cake With Decorations

It was nothing fancy and it was nowhere near perfect, but it sure was fun!

This number 5 cake would be a perfect little afternoon project that you could do with your kids.

The total time it takes is less than two hours.  

And the end result is that you get a very tasty dessert for that evening.




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