Never Seen A Fruitcake

Christmas is a time for giving. And, as the old joke goes, it is often a time for giving fruitcakes. My whole life, I have always heard about people receiving countless fruitcakes around the holidays.

Oddly enough though, no one seems to like them. So who exactly is it that keeps making (or buying) these fruitcakes, and what happens to them once they've been given away? Well, these are questions I cannot answer. For all the times I have heard about fruitcakes, I have never actually received one! Not only that, I've never even seen one. I don't think I really even know what one is! The fruitcake has been the most evasive thing in my life to date.

Each year, I have hoped for just one fruitcake, just enough to answer my questions. What is a fruitcake? Where do they come from? Do they taste good? Why do so many people seem to give them with so few people excited to receive them?

So, I beg all of the gift givers out there: Please, let me in on your secret! I cannot go through another Christmas without tasting one of these evasive (though seemingly undesirable) cakes.

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