Mystery Birthday Cake

by Dawn

Mystery Birthday Cake

Mystery Birthday Cake

This cake was for my daughter's 8th birthday. She wanted to have a detective/mystery-themed party. We put a yellow streamer across our front porch to look like crime scene tape.

We got a huge sheet of white paper and drew an outline of my daughter's body. This was put on our dining room table to look like a dead body outline (see picture). More crime scene tape was put across the corners of the table.

The cake is just made from 3 square pans laid end to end. After frosting them, all I had to do was pipe a large question mark onto each of the 3 sections.

The party invitations were "top secret," as they were written backwards so they had to be held up to a mirror to read.

We played "Guess Who?," where everybody had a kids' movie character taped to their back, and they had to ask each other yes/no questions to guess who they were.

"Detective/Murderer" was another big hit--the detective had to figure out who murdered the victim, and only the murderer could lie.

Editor's Note: Thanks for sharing, Dawn. It must have been a fun birthday party and one that all the kids will remember.

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